ZoŽ Lund (Tamerlis)

Birthdate: 1962/02/09
born in: New York City
ZoŽ Tamerlis Lund (February 9, 1962 Ė April 16, 1999), also known as ZoŽ Tamerlis (maiden name) and ZoŽ Tamerlaine, was a former American musician turned model, actress, and screenwriter. She was best known for her association with Abel Ferrara, whose breakout movie Ms. 45 she starred in. Some of her other acting work included a guest spot on Miami Vice and Larry Cohen's Special Effects.

Lund wrote the screenplay for Bad Lieutenant, and left behind much unpublished material. Although she had never met supermodel Gia Carangi she was working on a biographical screenplay of Carangi's life at the time of her death, and she appeared posthumously in the documentary The Self-Destruction of Gia. (Carangi's life had earlier been dramatized in Gia, an unrelated production starring Angelina Jolie).

Lund died of heart failure in Paris due to extended cocaine use, which replaced her long-term heroin use after her move to Paris in 1997.

1981 Ms .45 (Alternative title: Angel of Vengeance)
1984 Special Effects Andrea Wilcox/Elaine
1989 The Houseguest
1992 Bad Lieutenant (Writer)
1993 Hot Ticket (Direct-to-video release Director, writer)
1994 Hand Gun

1985 Miami Vice 1 episode
1988 Hothouse 7 episodes | 8374 Yucca Trail | CA 90046 West Hollywood, U.S.A
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